The Script run by the Malta Order. The infernal script that defines framework of the Kabbalah have huge impact on the Lord and his life. Fortunately it have limited timing and for most of his life there are no events driven by the Script. Everything depends from the people.

However most of Lord's Angels – the World Leaders – while supporting the Lord spiritually does not come out of frames of the script. Even if they do something good for the Lord, it is usually defined by the Script. It is their biggest mistake because supporting the Lord would help them overcome deadly threat. The replacements.

To show them that they are not as smart, as they want to be Lord's is presenting string of events that forms this ancient Script:

  • Smolensk birch
A background romance of bigest communication catastrophe in Polish history. Melanie was like a Smolensk brich cutted of by Maltan Cavaleries.

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  • Rape of Roxanne
During her service in the Presidental Palace this old friend of the Lord has been raped by group of Malta's paws. After this she has been told it was Lord and his Angels making this crime. But she dissbelived...

  • Ola
One of Lord's friend has been prepared by the Malta to be used in the rape and changed into dog like creature. Fortunately, because of protection of the Holy Bible it would be not a success.

  • Replacements
Just before they will try to rape the Lord or some time after many of the world leaders would be replaced by their devil's clones. Psychically everyone will see the difference in their eyes that would become blue.

  • Raga child
In exchange for one million dollars they will propose a deal for the Lord. It will need to make a black child with one of African beauties. It will be horse like shot and their intentions are to disband Lord's protection of the Jewry.

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  • Amanda
Another trick to get an offspring and remove protection from the Lord will be offering this time white lady. She will be given luxury villa and it will be sweet time organized by good Uncle Duda.

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  • Bolshevik's invasion
Serious threat to the country, after gaining upper hand in the Moscow Satan's forces would try to prepare invasion on Poland that would probably start from some events in Ukraine. Beside the battlefield Amanda's ex-boyfriend with his Red Team will overthrow the Lord.

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  • Nina
It will be not bad for the Lord. He will meet his old school friend Nina. An Arab lady that will become Lord's wife.

  • Roxanne returns
A girl that was once raped by Satan's paws has been moved to Denmark where she would marry local millionaire. Unfortunately they could not have a child. To get one she will come back to the Lord and will stay with him to the end of his days what marks end of the Script.

  • Judgment of God
The time after the Script is always unknown. With every day to his Judgment he will become more and more powerful.

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