Tuesday, September 19, 2017


For first time from long time Jews has invited Kaczynski to his event. LORD is happy that he has enjoyed his stay, as it was Israel that in common opinion could cod his brother into the bottle. 

Kaczynski has given a many complements for Israel but LORD is not so soft on it. It is great that Jews have their own state but it is wrong to paint them as heroes. No all of them.

Hitler has saw difference between Western and Eastern Jews and same see LORD. The first was dedicated to Malta when the others to him. And that is a change that Hitler did. The second do not exist now.

There is big difference between modern Jew and that one that vanished in the Shoah. The modern Jews has forgotten about LORD praying in their temples to another God – a Golden Calf. 

It is not first time in the history but now situation is different because Jewish race has almost vanished and those that are Jews nowadays are mostly a converts from Gentiles.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017


Do you really think that by executing the Maltese script you will make LORD happy and you will save the world from his wrath? Then you are very very wrong. 

There are certain objectives that must be meet and it is work for a decades. If you really want to save the globe on the Judgment Day better meet all of them.

For first Poland must be free and independent. If Russia will for whatever reasons invade the LORD land he will depart on the Day of the Judgment. 

For second, Germany must compensate LORD and Poland a huge losses they did experienced during the Second World War and the Holocaust. In particular the Jewish Fund working for restoration of Jewishness must be established and Saski Palace and Greater Synagogue of Warsaw rebuild. 

For third, LORD family from past generations must be reunited and restored to the level from before the Partitioning of Commonwealth of Both People. 

The Radziwillow Palace must be handled back into rightful hands.

All ancestors of LORD must be given their names and whole line given to the public. This will include genetic tests of kinship between LORD and Marshall Pilsudski. 

The peace deal between Poland and Russian Federation must be established postponing introduction of Cold Fusion for another century. 

If all this requirements will be meet you could be sure you will pass this Judgment of the God safely. Otherwise, he will depart this planet and the civilization will be destroyed.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Looking for answers

The Germany statements on the Polish reparation are raising one fundamental question. Does LORD already have a Son? Looking on this case will bring an answer to that question for both LORD and Russians. 

Is that possible that this castrated from imagination beings are not afraid of the year of the Judgment?  LORD was assuring you that if no compensations will begin paid he will decide to find another planet for his lost Semitic races. 

Still, Germans are denning the claim. Does this means that they already secure LORD Son and are not afraid of him? Possibliy. 

LORD does not need any sympathy from the people responsible for murdering almost all of his people. He needs a tools to recreate his lost kingdom, whatever is still possible.

And what if LORD Son really exist? Will not he, once siting in the Nest on his Throne, pickup this question? He will see that his Father was trying to work on the issue of reparations but has failed because of his existence. Will not then decide to depart this planet, as his Father wanted to do?

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Jewish Question

Making paraphrase of recent words of German ambassador to Poland - "The question of departing the planet is closed legally and politically". Nothing will change the mind of LORD and he will left it to some other in 2033.

For LORD it is a period of mundane vegetation varied by the events of their script. But at the end you can be sure he will depart the planet looking some else to recreate his lost Semitic races there.


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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Die Jugned

It's after the monthly Smolensk mass and LORD is happy that Kaczynski is again back on the track. He was speaking loudly of moment of achieving IV Commonwealth. A moment of death of LORD.

How they want to achieve it? Through Amanda and LORD son. Disarming LORD and beheading him. 

It is nothing new indeed. LORD forefather observed this tactic in our neighboring country before the Holocaust and he see it again. But there was some yearning for the freedom during the march of brown battalion.

Kaczynski told that they shall ignore this shouting but they will be one day as loud as explosion of his car in the night. Blame cents, Kaczynski. Poland is not yet lost...

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Not fascis, nor Soviets

If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever.
Jeremiah 31:36

"This is necessary because there cannot be schizophrenia in the history" announced chief of Institute of National Memory. And there would be nothing strange in it if not a stage like from LORD father Soviet horror. 

The ambulance has come under LORD software house. Two tall sanitarians has caught LORD  and has put him into straitjacket. They has driven him into modern gas chamber, for electroshocks and injections.

That would happen but the ambulance did not stopped. It slowed down and turned sirens on and passed away. LORD was playing in the golf. Zurichina gulf. No they was not able to forever dissolve the Jewish nation.

These people, mainly Karczewski and Kaczynski are not fascist. Nor they are Soviets. They are just imbeciles that often fall as victims to this two evil forces. 

What they will do now ahead of the monthly Smolensk mass? They will look for a LORD son. They will certainly turn to Amanda, as their only hope to resolve this Teutonic feud quickly...

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Key issue

Today spokesperson of German government once again officially stated that there will be no talks on compensating Poland II World War damages. 

You can thank then Angela Merkel personally for what will happen in 2033 when LORD will depart this planet forever. This is a key point in the LORD Judgment and it was underlined not once.

Germans has murdered almost completely LORD people and now nothing binds him to this planet. Once for all they are ruling out any talks on reparations making in his eyes a global suicide.

If they think that they can give him little gristle from their table, a skirm of the dress and he will be content they makes deadly mistake. No single verse of the scripture that they execute once again will make them safe from his wrath. 
You will all pay for their crime. This civilization will be destroyed and LORD will depart this planet forever…

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President Duda is scoring a huge wins in the public support standing on the side of LORD but this tactics cannot last long. He is not LORD true friend.

What in reality Duda is doing is no different from what other Polish Presidents was doing.  He is limiting himself to military support when conducting a partitioning script line by line.

In perspective he will be hosting LORD with Amanda and thus cannot behave in any other way. The problem is with replacements and Mother of God in particular. 

The case of rape of Christine is still no solved and this corruption made on it is still strong inside the Radziwillow palace. Why Duda did nothing in this case?

The problem is in his dirty habit that he would like to hide from before the public for any price. This will paralyze him not only when it comes to this rape case but also in case of planned replacements.

When the time will come Duda will not do anything to stop Kaczynski from his insanity. Now they can play hostility from before the public but when the script will come to the replacement verses he will do nothing. 

How then he will be able to look into eyes of LORD after such inhuman act like taking part in murder of his mother? He will do nothing while he could and thus will be blamed for his inaction by LORD…

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