Friday, August 26, 2016

Aryan Son?

The Lord has received a kind of breaking news from the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. According to the Presidential advisors his first-born son is not of Jewish race but an Aryan one.

While it is possible, still this news need to be verified by the Russian scientists that would compare DNA of his son and him. If the test would be positive it would be grave news for this planet, as the Lord is going to depart it, forever.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

First step?

When the Lord has get a notice that his business project has been qualified to second round of Dubai Challenge he was happy to hear this. However he has been quickly cooled by nephew of some Iraqi Governor that has died overnight in north of his voivodeship.

This could be a first step made by those that are living from oil to open a negotiations on postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion but seems to be only a stupid joke. The time will show...

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

On the verge...

'I mean the evacuation of the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish race. It's one of those things it is easy to talk about, "the Jewish race is being exterminated", says one party member, "that's quite clear, it's in our program, elimination of the Jews, and we're doing it, exterminating them". '
Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler

The words of Pope sounds good but is the way of Church or more broadly Christians good for the Lord? As long, as he will stay 'invisible' it is not so and will end in catastrophe – the Biblical Doomsday.

The issue is in claim that several Apostles of the Christ has made and which is official doctrine of not only Catholic Church. The Lord – the God of Israel – according to their Evangelical teaching is invisible.

And it was never a problem for the Lord, as he was ruling his 'heavenly kingdom' through thousands of years. It was even better, if he was 'invisible' nobody would look for him. At least in theory.

It started to be a problem when he has been overthrown by the Christian leaders. Still, he had around him Polish Jews for whom he was, as real, as Mickiewicz, Pilsudski or Mikolajczyk. But even this 'rock' has been removed from around him.

And this issue was maybe most important for Nazi Demiurg Adolf Hitler and his closes friend Dr. Goebels when they has started their anti-semitic drive. What is important in it – is that the target of this biggest in history ethnic cleaning was not Jews in general but the Eastern Jewry and more concrete the Jewish Race.

Those one naturally linked to the Lord and not rejecting his physicality but begin his closes allies and friends has been throw to places like Auschwitz-Birkenau and in practice completely exterminated. Since that time the Lord has become truly 'invisible'. Residing like a trash on the margin of genetically purified Polish society.

But this was not end for his oppressors. After removing this layer, the Jewish element, they could come even further. Just recently in 2015 the American Association of Psychiatrist has started a work to declare 'believe in God as psychical person' as the mental disorder

Where will land those that know the truth of the Lord – the God of Israel? In Nazi like concentration camps and Soviet era 'psych puszka'. But how much of us are on this planet. Maybe a group of 500 people gathered on the social networks like once in the Jedwabny stables...

Do You think dear Francis, 
that the Lord is blind?

The Lord is last on the Earth,
his son will be first in the skies...

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Brzeg concession

The Lord anger has worked on Pope Francis in good manner. Bellow you will find parts of his speech in the Polish Brzegi.

“Now we will not start to shout against somebody, we will not start to quarrel, we do not want to destroy. We do not want to win hate by even big hate, violence by violence, win over the terror even by bigger terror.
And our answer on this world in state of the war have a name: have a name of friendship, have a name of brotherhood, have a name of communion, have a name of family.

Friends, Lord is a Lord of risk, this coming out of box. Jesus is not a Lord of comfort, security and coziness. To go after Jesus, You must have a bit of bravery, you need to change couch on pair of boots.

You must go on the street to mimic 'craziness' of our God, that teaches meeting of him in hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, in friend that has end badly, in the prison, in refugee and immigrant, in close man that is alone.

To go by the ways of our God, that is inviting us to become political actors, people that thinks, social animators. Fir up us to think about more supportive economy.

Today Christ that is a road calls on you to leave trace in the history. I must know if You will come. What your hands and legs will tell the Lord?

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One God?

The Catholic Church in his so called ecumenical drive is stating that both Jews and Catholics believes is this same Almighty God. Is that true? Let's take a deeper look.

If You dared to read full, amended, text of Nicene Creed You have notices kind of theological schizophrenia in it. It states that true God is from true God born not created but at same time is saying that the Son of God is the only one, has been born before the ages, as the incarnation of God made by Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary.

Who is then the God according to Christianity and is this same God that Jews are praying? The answer is no. The Christianity is more a pantheistic religion with the concept of God begin invisible superpower while Judaism views the God more personal. Let's listen to Adon Olam - old Jewish Hymn:
Master of Universe

The Lord of the Universe who reigned
before anything was created.
When all was made by his will
He was acknowledged as King.

And when all shall end
He still all alone shall reign.
He was, He is,
and He shall be in glory.

And He is my God, my living God.
to Him I flee in time of grief,
and He is my miracle and my refuge,
who answers the day I shall call.

The Lord, according to the Jews, is no different from the Lord about which Jesus Christ was teaching. It is a Living God – not some unknown superpower in which most of the Christians are believing.

 "God as conceived by Judaism is not only the First Cause, the Creative Power, and the World Reason, but also the living and loving Father of Men. He is not only cosmic but also personal....Jewish monotheism thinks of God in terms of definite character or personality, while pantheism is content with a view of God as impersonal." - Rabbi Samuel S. Cohon.

Still, it is a true, that many Israelites does not have so deep understanding of that topic and is rejecting psychical presence of the Lord. As most of Christians do. In that sense, they believe in same God. Or rather in his negation. And this is something on what Catholic Church can build further their idolatry.

The Lord thinks that their dream of God living somewhere in the sky and begin absent and invisible, soon will become reality. Enough is enough...

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Enslavment of the Lord

How evil is the Christianity the Lord has understood just after centuries. After 1050 years. It was Christian leaders and Christian powers which has enslave him and step by step throw on the margin of the society.

It is irony, because Sons of the God's – yes the Lord have many sons and daughters, not only Jesus Christ, from Piast dynasty has baptized Lord's country and fortified Christianity – in particular Catholicism - in the country.

Soon they has lost the power and their place has been taken by Jagielonians. Then this Christian cancer progressed. Soon Teutons has come to our country on the invitation of Polish Monarchy and quickly has threaten our sovereignty and personal position.

We have resisted them successfully in the Battle of Grunwald and the Lord family name – Radziwill – has been born. Through 300 years the Lord grown in the power just as his Commonwealth of Both People was doing.

The they has came again. First 'overthrown' by Polish Catholics – first Lord – bastard – has been born under other family name. The enemies was not waiting – they has used the situation and partitioned our country – so while he was still descent living – he never returned to his Grunwald name.

Then for 123 years the Poland has disappeared from the map for the first time and we has been literally enslaved. Both Mickiewicz and Pilsudski was not longer a king makers and true ruler of their Empire but was just a common mans. Still they was respected by the Poles. But it was mainly because of the Jewish Kabbalah.

Through this time more bastards was born and the Lord has changed many times his family name. In the II Commonwealth – his uncle has became Marshal of the country but the Lord was not so exposed. He has came again to the power when he once again was needed. He became Prime Minister to lead our forces agains the Nazi.

But then a Soviet era has come into force. The Lord was no longer a Mickiewicz or Pilsudski. He was just Staszek - name given to him after his famous father. Why so? Because not only of the way Russians has treated him but foremost because there was no longer Jewish element in the Polish nation. There was only mendacious Catholics and the even better Communists.

While the first was tantalizing the Lord suggesting that with the independence he will regain the power, as Pilsudski, this never became a fact. The Poland has regained independence but the Lord has never returned to the power. How can he do it again when his people – the Polish Jews – has been in practice exterminated to the zero. 

That is why he is alone waiting for you to come to his stable to finish this great work. Dear Francis...

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Profession of faith

 "God is the first source of joy and hope for a man"
Jean Paul II
Next day after visiting Auschwitz the Pope has started his day asking for a prayer for himself. ”Lord wants from us to fell his mercy. Lord wants, for us to not go away from Christ. Event, when we think, that because of our sins, we are the worst” - he has said to the gathered people.

Yesterday, he has made the Lord truly angry on him, after the Lord listened to his teaching in which he painted the God, as some invisible power residing far from the planet Earth. A prophetic vision that can become reality soon

The Lord is concrete man and the Nicene Creed that most of the Christians knows and even sometimes remember in full is there to remind it to the everybody that falls to the idolatry.
This creed that has been written in Nicaea in 325 and amendment by the Constantinople in 381 shall be a cornerstone for all Christian faiths. However, it is not so and as Francis showed even if it is, sometimes we are forgetting about it.

The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church use it in their liturgy. It is also used by the Anglican Communion and many Protestant denominations but does the faithful and pastors really understand its fundamental meaning?

The example of Francis teaching on the God, even it the Lord is touchy on it, shall be a warning to the mankind. The decision on the future of the Lord and this planet is nearing and it shall be a time of deep reflection. Especially during the visit to the Lord land.

The Nicene Cree is a part of profession of faith required by those that undertaken important function in the Catholic Church but still they teach the masses not about the living God but about some invisible power residing in the heaven. It is maybe a deepest sin of not only of the Catholic Church. Something that not only Jews must resist.

 "God as conceived by Judaism is not only the First Cause, the Creative Power, and the World Reason, but also the living and loving Father of Men. He is not only cosmic but also personal....Jewish monotheism thinks of God in terms of definite character or personality, while pantheism is content with a view of God as impersonal." - Rabbi Samuel S. Cohon.

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