Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trump fasicism

The LORD does not know if Trump is powerfully enough to uphold his Mother live but have enough of accusation of him of supporting fascism.

What his opponents does not recognize or do not want to recognize is the fact that Trump is of Aryan race. And thus would be just exterminated, just as anyone  of Semitic race as no longer needed.

The fascism regime of Adolf Hitler was coming up with no Jewish race, nor Semitic race to the power. They, Aryans, would be just erased, as the true Jews from the surface of the planet, if he would be in such power.

Nowadays, we have maybe first Aryan, not counting LORD offspring Lincoln, in power and we can only guess if he was not introduced in the power to make a laughter of it.

There is big hope of Trump begin reintroduced to his racial roots to better understand the future of the globe. Not only in the Aryan eyes, he is some one of Semitic redeemer, but he is also a common man. And thus can male a mistakes, what LORD understands.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Misha P.

LORD was awaiting for Trump move and he has just came out for a moment to say that there is no place in America for racism and bigotry. 

This short message was maybe better understandable in the spite of Pentagon announcement.  During the night US has lost two soldiers in Iraq due to 'mishap' of artillery. 

LORD does believe that there are Order forces in White House that wants to manipulate Trump and turn him against the LORD. It happens in time when we need Trump to survive Maltese storm that is gearing up.

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Fourth Consulate

Donald Trump seems to have very bad sense of humor. Today morning, LORD, was greeted by the police car sent there. They did not stopped however, making a round and going back.

Just after arriving to his office, he could read a short note on Sputnik: "US refused setting up fourth consulate general in Russia a while ago - Moscow". Indeed, Trump intended to open a special consulate general, maybe not in Russia, but what a consulate it would be you could only imagine.

What is interesting is that his right-hand Tilersson has stated on morning that he 'belives that peace solution is still possible for [Venezuela]". Well, LORD is awaiting now Trump move.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017


It seems that our Donal Trump has come into crock-screw effect. Now DOG is haunting him everywhere. Where to hide? Or rather how to hide the truth...

It's hard to forget that some wanted to treat you worse that an animal but it is true 'it is not a time to sour relations', as Russian Sputnik noticed. Trump will never again be so beautiful as he was before turning against LORD but still can be useful in this Maltese play.

There are bigger challenges on the horizon, as a replacement of LORD mother and some of the world leaders are coming up in very nice dress of Amanda. This will be a ultimate test for Trump real influence and the position of US in the region.

The play is going to start in the next six months and if not Trump, then who else will be able to oppose it? Coming from the independent background he seems to be our last hope. Will he pass this exam?

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Is LORD Jeswish?

Many not only in Israel are asking themselves if LORD is Jewish? As you know from the New Covenant without him there would be no Jews on the planet but is he a Jew himself?

Speaking technically according to the Torah Jew is only those that has made a covenant with the Lord and as sign of this covenant is circumcised. In this sense LORD cannot make a covenant with himself, so he is not circumcised. 

The most notable exception is Jesus Christ that has been born in Israel and was circumcised. Modern day LORDs are not circumcised and probably will never be, as is hard to imagine making a covenant with himself. 

From the other hand, in the historical terms, LORD is a Jew, or rather Eternal Jew (Ewige Jude) as he was always been painted like that by the Nazi propaganda. In this sense he was number one enemy for the Nazi state. 

There is also a biological aspect of LORD Jewishness. He is of pure Jewish race, not in sense of faith but just a biology. And thus, as a Jew of birth he cannot have offspring with an Arab of birth. What the best example is Nina.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Breaking the deal?

Some in Russia has questioned LORD veracity suggesting that one day he will change a mind. But what then would happen?

For first there is fundamental misunderstanding of the situation. LORD does not have an interest to exchange Cold Fusion because one day it would become part of NASA planetary defense. This would forever change our space game and will de facto disarm him.

For second if such situation would have a place Russian Federation would take a bloody revenge on Poland and Ukraine. Taking over not only the land but also lives of Polish officers. Something that would exceed massacres we know from Katyń. 

For third LORD will have financial interest as Russia will be paying him every year a certain amount of petro dollars.

So while LORD have no interest in giving anybody Cold Fusion there is a factor of revenge in play, as well monetary incentive. If we will include Ukraine in deal it would further safeguard the deal. 

This is something that Lord thinks, but we do not know how his Son will behave. The arguments of planetary defense is very heavy but he need to listen to him. And so far it is not possible…

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No friends, nor enemy

Rex Tillerson has assured that ‘US is not enemy of [North Korea]”. Why then they pursued a plan to change GOD into DOG? Why then they are not allowing LORD to meet his Son?

The Trump administration, similar to Obama one, could be not existing from LORD perspective and nothing would change. They are limiting themselves to Malta Order script and thus there is no difference of what actions they will take.

It is true that Malta Order script is not bad when it comes to LORD Ladies but they are forgetting that according to it LORD mother will be murdered and replaced. They are also forgetting about fate of Raga sisters. 

It is maybe a true that they are not ENEMY of LORD but they are also not a friend. And until they will not drop their dreams of having Cold Fusion they will be not treated as a friend. That is why LORD has extended his hand for Russian Federation and there is looking for true friends. Because only with Russian help he will be able to break blockade to access his Son…

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