Monday, April 24, 2017

Heavenly Kingdom

When Lord was in the Netherlands he has meet some powerful lady but when asked for help she declined saying 'Your people was slain and we do not want to share their fate”. Remarkable and honest words made on the occasion of Holocaust commemoration.

That is true, the Lord people has been slain almost century ago and that has changed the Earth into non habitable land and that is why the Lord is looking into the stars to find another planet and recreate the Kingdom lost here.

The rulers and common people did nothing to compensate Lord looses and it is something that is not going to change. How to compensate it, someone could ask. The people that was living on Lord's land are not going to be resurrected here. That is true. But once they can return with Lord power on the another planet.

Netanyahu, leader of Israeli that Lord's does not respect so much as true, racial, Jews that he has lost here said that 'we must be ready to defend our-self' that is true when it comes to him personally. Malta Order do not feels human feelings. Have no understanding that it is after actually. The Lord's people has been slain and he has been destroyed to the ground.

In their sadistic manner they are preparing new wave of extermination. Beginning from the top leaders to the smallest. That is something that we will be observing in the coming decades, as once Lord grandfather was doing.

Lord does not feel bad about this Dutch lady that opened this posts but you must also feel not sorry once he or his son will live this planet, forever. To fund another Heavenly Kingdom somewhere in the skies. Because this one that he had here is not existing since century.  

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The Lord has made his birthday trip to Eindhoven. It was a nice time however he has noticed that the West was truly crashed by news on his possible Son. After this revelation many there was blaming him for upcoming invasion by Russia.

That is true. The Lord has announced the news on his lost Son with aim to punish the West for their wrongdoings and the invasion on his land to stop possible exchange of the Cold Fusion is certain. What is interesting that almost nobody was thinking about fighting for the Cold Fusion.

That is certainly a bad news for Radziwillow Palace. The people of the West are like meek sheep and does not have any hope for quitting their gas and oil addiction. This shall make our President be more gutsy when speaking of the possibility of enacting peace deal with Russia. If he will count on the West he will be badly surprised as once we wast in 1939.

The other thing that Lord has noticed is that there is no resistance against his mother replacement. People was feeling sorry for that but they was saying it is a certain thing. Well, as certain, as the war with Russia.  

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump posture

Donald Trump after recent Katyn post has announced that will not tolerate threats to Allies, Partners but in the ears of Lord its just empty words. The situation needs more that words Mr. Trump.

When Polish Minister of Defense was announcing in his Easter message that 'Poland is safe now' it was same empty words. In mean time Kremlin has doubled their presence on the Western border. 

Is not American battalion they has sent there reminiscence of the very same battalion that was fighting in the Battle of Warsaw time? NATO presence on the Eastern flank is still symbolic. Much less that is needed to defeat the Russians. 

At this point we must formulate a question, very basic one. Is not another conflict that would provoke Russian aggression just on the hand of American President that would preform his massive oil-drills in the Gulf of Mexico?

Aren't the words of American President somehow disconnected from his actions and deeds? We can achieve true Energy Independence. That is true. But are the words correlated to the actions? 

It's true we must be prepared for the Russian invasion but are we going to provoke one? The efforts of White House seems to be on the second one.  You will not convince the Lord, Mr. Trump with the empty words, whatever they will be beautifully. He needs some action. Real one.

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Katyn effect

There is something in similar between Poland and Israel in the context of the Cold Fusion. Both are hostage of oil and gas producing countries - Russia and Iran.

What would for since happen if the Lord or his Son would exchange Fusion with the West. Would not both countries would be hit in the revenge that would excess this one we know from the Katyn forest? 

The Russian Empire would behave like a deadly hit beast that would be inestimable in their response. The wish of revenge would blind them and certainly they would put their forces on invasion. How far, we do not know.

For that reason instead of trying to cheat Russians Poles shall not let die for the Western interests from which they does not have anything. And the Russians shall remember that nether the Lord or his Son want to see remake of Katyn for his people.

The best way forward for both sides is to strike a deal to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion and Poles, if they really hide the Lord son shall in the name of their future, come from the cover of the Presidential Palace and help us in reaching this deal. 

The deal that could not only save Poland but also save the planet, as the Lord would maybe cancel his plans to leave it..

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Long play

The tip from Kremlin has came immediately. It's going to be long play, Putin stated. It's true but events in Syria shows us clearly how fast Geo-political situation can change. And once on track, there will be no retreat.

Both Putin and Lord's brother Dimitri are reliable partners with who the final peace deal can be reached but what if somehow we will miss them? What if Malta plans to replace them with the clones will success?

Yes, certainly, like others Putin will wait for Lord to meet Amanda first but the Lord still looks into corner of this not so famous portrait of her. There his master Witkacy has put a date of 1920.

Will we not face a repeat of history then? What if Russian duo will be replaced by the Maltese? Will a power not be transfered into hands of Bolshevik generals? Will they be willing to negotiate the peace deal? Or, will Lord will be willing to do so?

Putin will wait. Will wait for his doomsday, showing once again to the Lord that he and his other fellows was imply not useful for anything. Putin will not have his chance to show a good will. He will be replaced, as others from this gang. And the Lord will be again facing invasion from the East. As once Witkacy with very same Amanda was facing...

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Happy Easter

It's irony that in the XXI century they do not think about crucifixion the Son of the Man but just directly his father. He is no longer in power residing safely in the Heaven but is exposed to all their wickedness. 

Still even if they has throw him to prison for long years they was not able to execute him. Something has stopped them. Was is the vision of the Son of the Man sitting one day on the Throne to make judgment over them? 

Or maybe he is not even existing and what has stopped his Father oppressor was just this mystic verse of the Holy Bible on the end of the Jewish nation. Whatever reason has stopped them is still unknown to the Lord.

What he want to wish on that magical occasion when Western and Eastern Easter commemorations has crossed? To re-think your situation, as he has at many occasion expressed his wish to depart this planet forever. 

Something that could save you could be his peace plan to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion for another century. But any of the sides in this puzzles, ether President Duda, nor President Putin did anything to materialize the deal.

For that reason for any of you this shall be not happy Easter. Soon, the world will be drawn into yet another World War. War for true Energy Independence. A war, however that could not have any other end that the Lord or his Son departing to another planet. And it will be again like in the teachings of the Church. Residing in Skies far from this fallen planet...

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Thursday, April 13, 2017


If he is existing he is now 15 years old and in his hands lies future of not only Poland but also the globe. However, today Polish media suggested it is not.

For sure it would be easier to negotiate peace deal with Russians of postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion if he would be not born. If the decision would depend only from the Lord.

It was Kwasniewski time in the office and he seems to be best informed if the Lord son is real or just his imagination. The mole on the Lord's ear did not vanished and that was a case of Lord Father when the Lord came on this world.

That is true but is this certain? And moreover, is there a way to convice Russian side that the Lord's Son is not existing?

There are many traces left in the public space that deny this theory and Russians will certainly not wait until 2033, until the year of the Judgment. To rescue their oil and gas industries they will decide to invade the country to capture the Lord's nest earlier.

This issue is of biggest importance for the Polish nation and Polish authorities would need to make it clear and convice Russians whatever Lord son is real or not. The supposed mother need to be confronted with the Lord.

However, one basic question is raised. What if the Son is not existing. Why they treat the Lord so badly? Aren't they afraid that he will simply depart this planet to find another one? That will be certain if Russians will invade his country...

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