Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coffee please

Situation with Lord and Amanda only on first look is like on this Nazi propaganda picture. She is certainly entwined by the Spider net of the Kabbalah but it is little bit deeper.

This toxic relation is bi-directional. What would happen then if the Lord would take up Cecilia? Amanda would be served last coffee. She would be poisoned. 

For Kaczynski fascist she is a symbol of resistance and that symbol would be removed if no longer needed. Thus, the only option both have is to endure through this Kabbalistic time until Amanda ex-boyfried would 'rescue' her from the Lord 'oppression'. 

This will not be a sweet time, as some are trying to paint but it is necessary for her to pass through it together. The alternative is a death, such are a rules of the Malta Order and the Lord cannot do anything with that. 

Therefore we will soon observe a picture that Witkacy painted after having same poisonous romance with her. The Lord does not have any other expectation but he understand it is necessary for Amanda survival.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Miss Earth

Not only Jews has entered time of atonement. On monastery at Jasna Gora Poles hold mass of national penance. German Chancellor at same time in little cynical words has stated that "there is a need of national effort to deport part of migrants".

And the national effort has knocked to the Lord door. It was real Cecylia Mickiewicz but the Lord had ice in his heart and rejected her. He would not left nor Amanda, nor Nina, nor Roxanne for anyone else. And foremost, he was remembering some little know lady - Ms. Bonnaparte, Ms. Earth. 

They has meet only for a second at Gare du Midi in middle of Smolensk campaign. They has meet only for a second but fallen in love immediately. Unfortunately, she has been later sent into Inferno and was shoot there.

Lord will never forget this lioness of Zion and her last scream she gave on the way to meet him. They could have wonderful time in Brussels. They could give another great son to France. Instead she has been murdered on his eyes and he has been sent to prison. 

But wait. They will reunite one day. On Keppler 188 f.  And the Lord is counting days to do so.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Passenger Joe

While Duda administration has lost somehow with the Lord son the European and NATO leaders was more serious. They has announced that 'are keeping a door for negotiations with Russia open'.

The problem is that Russians does nothing to get through this opportunity to negotiate the peace deal with the Lord and there are others that are trying to pass through it.

Before Andrzej has taken his car to get to the Lord barn they has organized an protest under the banner "We will not give you culture back!". It is not that they did not maybe knew Mickiewicz Switezianka. It is not that they did not maybe knew Bronislaw Pilsudski reason of drowning in Seine river. It is not that they did not maybe knew Witkacy photographs. 

Maybe they knew but the car Andrzej was riding was driving by Melanie or Czesia O. if you prefer. The same that the Lord has killed by crashing the bottle on her head. But wait... She is well and alive in Warsaw.

How many more will get on the same number? We do not know. What we know is that Andrzej had really good companion. Mayer Hersh, also 90 years old, survivor of Holocaust. This time a forefathers has won but different ones. Mickiewicz Forefathers. For real, dear Andrzej...

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hindenburg mother

Hindenburg's people could not sleep for another night. At 3 am the Lord received new warning. The Malta Order is again focusing on his mother. Mother of God.

Soon she is going to be replaced and her eyes will turn a blue. A 'miracle' that nobody would be able to deny. Not only she, Malta is preparing whole string of replacements of the world leaders. She is just the jewel in the crown.
For Hindenburg party it will be a start of the end but they would not survive until the elections. This Maltese Script they play so blindly is the script for partitioning of Poland. First the Order will get dirty in Poland to be crushed by the very same Order but under the Red Banner. 

They has played same script against the Lord in times of partitioning of the Commonwealth of Both People. They played very same script in time of Swedish Deluge, Partitioning, January Uprising and during the Bolshevik invasion on Poland and they play it again now. This time however, nor Radziwill, nor Pilsudski is not going to rescue the fallen nation. Right Manowski?

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bombing Assad

Today Russians has stated that "bombing Assad would start III World War". Such statement is not surprising but what could be surprising is that they are seriously considering such an option. 

Americans replied that bombing Assad is not in their interest but there are such an options on the table. What it will means in practice? That the murdering of jerks or 'deescalating violence' as you prefer will continue.

And the Lord does not have anything against such thing. This struggle continues from the beginning of time and Inferno is accomplishing him since always. The problem is that both sides are limiting themselves to the Malta Script. A script that is designed for partitioning of Poland. 

Well, maybe "the grandson will regain his forefather land" on the Russian bayonets. So the Lord will continue to embitter Moscow's bloodhounds to force Poles to peace talks. "Get Fusion, Manowski". Fusion.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It has passed exactly 200 years since first Lord Augustyn Gorzenski born in the enslavement has passed away. As usual, partitioning powers allowed him to live 60+ years. 

It was his son born as Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj that was judging the world in 1833. How it could be that the mankind survived that amid oppression that he has enjoyed? 

The first most important factor was a Jews. The Lord would not kill them even if he enjoyed unimaginable personal oppression. The other was his son Wincenty knows later as Piłsudski that has been born in the year of the Judgment.

Mickiewicz did never meet with his true father Augustyn but in 1831 was a guest at his true brother palace in Śmiełów. He has been then introduced to the Kabbalah. Soon after he has meet Cecylia and their firstborn son - Wincenty - was born in Dresden in 1833. 

When Mickiewicz was doing his judgment his further wife was probably pregnant or just gave the life to the Messiah - his successors. This has directly blocked him from before making the Last Judgment. 

Will it be that same story this time? Well, the Lord does not need a direct contact with his first-born son to explain him that civilization without Jews cannot endure. The need to depart from this planet to find another one is just encoded in his and his forefathers life.

The Poland without Jews is just an another Weimar Republic and there is no hope for the Lord to regain his lost 300 years ago position. That is why he is looking into the sky to found another Semitic civilization somewhere else. And that is a message he will left to his successor.

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As far, as Szczecin

Hindenburg could be little discontent with recent public opinion pool that gave his nationalist 29% compared to Petru Nowoczesna party with 25% but there is no revolution in the Weimar Republic.

When it comes to the Lord situation not going to change as both leaders tends to ignore him and his question. In recent show of arrogance Hindenburg stated that 'Tusk is not political partner' while Petru commented that 'We shall not pay attention to what he - Kaczynski - is plashing'. 

Both have in mind their Eternal enemy - the Lord. For both the peace deal with Russia is of no importance thus we can expect that Russian will quickly invade the country to take up the Lord nest and thus block the Cold Fusion exchange.

Still, the Lord will be plashing, to show his lost son truth about Poland without Jews that is just a continuation of Weimar Republic. Hindenburg can think that he is really in Weimar but it is Poland that is going to be invaded. And only the peace deal could change that.

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