Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jabotinsky genome

LORD has bought a wonderful book entitled '51 Documents' and among others he found there an essay of Vladimir Jabotinisky 'A letter on autonomy' that he would like to comment now.

First we need to understand that in times of Jabotinsky there was a huge difference between diaspora then and now. In times before the Holocaust Jewry was consisting mainly of Jews-by-birth - a Jews of Jewish race. 

Now, because of liberalism of David Ben-Gurion the Jewry consist mainly of the converts. A Jews that are not a Jews in purely genetic sense but are Jews of faith. 

This difference has made so called 'mixed-marriage' a top worry for Jabotinisky and his followers. A situation in which Jew and Gentile was marring was worrying him because the race could extinct in future generations. 

However this thesis was wrong and unfounded because Jewish genome is superior to genomes of other races and for that reasons we have Jews-by-birth of Negro or Asian origin. 

Simply, Jewish genome, at least when it comes from the mother side - takes over genome of other race. The offspring from Jewish mother will be always Jewish. Whatever race of father was.

The situation when father is Jew and mother Gentile is not so clear and needs further investigation but LORD has saw on his own eyes offspring of Jewish mother and Gentile that was later converted. The offspring was 100% pure Jew. 

Because of this superiority of Jewish genome the Jewish race was able to survive thousands of years of annihilation and still have a potential to be re-born in the near future from the relatively little seed that has survived Holocaust. 

For that reason LORD is calling in his Manifesto to form a Found for restoration of Jewish race. The program of Polish government so called 500+ when multi children families receive financial support from the state need to be extended on Jewish families and the sum for every child multiplied.

This is going to be fund by the Germany and Russia that has put their hand to exterminations of Jewry in this part of the world.

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Salvation is your name

Today LORD listened for maybe last time to Messianic Jews music. This time to one of greatest hits of Joshua Arron - 'Salvation is Your Name'. The lyrics goes:
There is a Name I call upon
There is a Name by which I’m saved

Salvation is Your Name
Salvation is Your Name

There is a Lamb who bore our sins
He bled and died so we could live
This is typical Teutonic tune. First they work hard on finding gulls to sacrifice them before the Lord then they call for Lord crucifixion, so they could clear themselves from the sins.
The meaning of Salvation you will understand when around year 2033 the meteor targeted at Earth will be visible on the sky. But this will be to late... 

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Out of Zion

LORD listens recently to the Messianic Jews music and while he is usually enjoying it there is one song that makes him really angry and worried. 

It is a song 'Out of Zion' made by famous in this circles Paul Wilbur that could be an anthem of neo-nazi movement. Here comes the words:

Out of Zion, Zion
Comes your salvation
And a nation will be
Formed out of Him
And a people will be born out of Him…
What is wrong with this? Well, that was a Nazi ideology that was later adapted successfuly by the Soviets and has lead their Empire into fall. 

In this ideology LORD would be taken to kind of psychiatric hospital where from it his sperm would be collected. Later distributed to voluntaries to create new nation. 

It is not new ideology. In the Biblical times they has also often come for the 'water' but there was no for them. And thus they are coming through the ages. With exception of Soviets that has succeeded and quickly fallen afterwards...

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Communism as religion?

 And there is hope in thine end, saith the Lord, that thy children shall come again to their own border.
Jeremiah 31:17

Recently Vladimir Putin by his comparison of communism to religion has made Carl Marks turning in his grave but is not this true? Was not Communism, as Religion, an opium for masses? 

The stance towards the LORD in Religious democracy and communism seems to be no different. He was well protected from his adversaries in both regimes. The difference was maybe in the social status - in communism he was no longer influential landlord but just a common engineer. 

And similarly to religious democracy the whole system worked until it had a LORD in it. This was an important lesson that Tsar taken to his heart. When they was occupying LORD's land they has allowed LORD to have even 12 children. This way whole illusion of begin good worked for Tsarist for hundreds of years. 

This same idea was enlightening Marshall Budiony in the Soviet times. Until he was on this world nothing could happen to the LORD family. He was that force that was rejecting foolish ideas of his comrades from the polit-beauro.

The problem for Soviets came in 1979 when the current LORD has been born and Budiony died. Quickly they inspired by DOG ideology captured his Father and using electro-shock and modern medicine changed him in animal like creature. 

This was an end to the Soviet Empire. There was no longer ideology but just a pure force that could not bind people to it. The masses inside the Communist regime was disillusioned. They saw brutality and evilness of their rules on their own eyes.

The land has returned to his old borders, just as Bible predicts in such cases. Now we see Kaczynski on the very same road. Will EU risk their external border in this Biblical game?

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Sunday, January 14, 2018


While the monthly Smolensk masses are coming slowly to the end Jaroslaw Kaczynski has found himself a new adventure making a reshuffle of his cabinet.

The new Prime Minister Morawiecki is in difficult situation trying to save what is still Polish in this country and Kaczynski is not making thing easy for him. 

The biggest loser in this game is maybe Konstanty Radziwill, that beside begin Knight of Malta Order shares also his blood line with the LORD. 

But will new cabinet be a Polish one or will change into the blind tool for the Order. Will they be like a Polish patriots, as they declared or will be rather a string of contours. Very dark contours.

We will see in the coming months. Kaczynski has declared that he will not turn back from his road even by yota and that 'truth' of Smolensk will be embolden with the golden fonts. 

What a style this fonts will have? It will certainly be not a Cyrillic but maybe just Gothic font so beloved by his Teutonic masters. 

Kaczynski while painted as God in his party is not independent. After lose of his brother he did not turned against the Order. He has further dig deeper into Order ranks and will do everything they will command him.  Just like his brother was doing.

Will he meet resistance from inside of his ranks is still a hard question. When it comes to the LORD certainly but what about his mother? Our Lady of Jasna Gora?

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

From the shadow of the night

LORD has survived yet another revisionist attempt decorated by the North and Shout dialogue but some Israeli Rabin did not. What is interesting is the uproar made by the Israel. This time message has come straight from their arch - adversary - Iran.

In this Polish-Arab movie that just started it is not first and not last time before the Israel will perform their dreamed revision and will finally prove before the international community their Jewish character.

When our Israeli Rabin was gearing up to stand on the road to heaven LORD was discussing the Jerusalem and whole Jewish question with his friends. The Rabin did not enjoyed a session. 

It will be long and some say very ethnic if just not racial movie anyway although LORD is expecting that such subnormal activities of Israel will become a common bread too. 

The long expected 'correction' is taking a shape and surely will come soon from the Order. The question is if it will change a climate, literally.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018


Order is trying to mobilize his supporters using a myth of LORD Son but the mark on his right ear is denying such claim.

Before switching to igloos would be better to have some proof of alleged Son existence. Why Order cannot show you a photo of Son right ear? Because he is a phantom.

Maybe you should go to Lubliniec to see on your own eyes that this mark disappears when LORD becomes Father. Maybe you shall stay with him before you all will go into igloos.

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